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Bag in Box Mâcon Azé Blanc

50,00  tax included



Bulk wine from Cave d’Azé

Bulk wine is gaining in popularity in France, and for good reason. Consumers are increasingly concerned about the quality of the products they consume, and wine is no exception. By buying wine in bulk, consumers can choose quality wines at affordable prices. What’s more, this practice reduces glass bottle waste, which is good for the environment.

The advantages of bulk wine

Bulk wine offers many advantages for wine lovers. Firstly, it reduces costs. In fact, by buying wine in bulk, consumers can save up to 30% compared to buying traditional bottles. What’s more, bulk wine offers a greater variety of choices. Producers often offer a wide range of bulk wines, enabling consumers to discover new grape varieties and wine regions.

Bulk wine sales at the store

Bulk wine Mâcon Blanc: € 4.00 per liter

Bulk wine Mâcon Rouge: €3.60 per liter

What’s more, bulk wine is also good for the environment. By avoiding the use of glass bottles, this practice considerably reduces CO2 emissions linked to transport and bottle production.

How long can I keep a bottle of Mâcon Azé Blanc?

A bottle of Mâcon Azé Blanc can be kept for 3 to 5 years. However, it’s important to note that the wine will evolve over time, developing more complex aromas and a rounder texture.

What dishes go well with Mâcon Azé Blanc?

Mâcon Azé Blanc goes well with a variety of dishes, including seafood, grilled fish, poultry and soft cheeses. Its freshness and balance make it a versatile choice to accompany many dishes.

What’s the difference between Mâcon Azé Blanc and other white Burgundy wines?

Mâcon Azé Blanc stands out from other Burgundy white wines thanks to its specific terroir and unique character. It is produced in the Mâconnais region, which has its own soil and climate characteristics. What’s more, Mâcon Azé Blanc is made from the Chardonnay grape variety, giving it distinctive aromas and flavors.

Bulk wine has become an increasingly popular trend in France in recent years. This practice involves buying wine directly from the producer, without using a traditional bottle. Consumers can fill their own containers, whether reusable bottles or bag-in-boxes. This new way of consuming wine has many advantages, both for wine lovers and for the environment.

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